Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jaxson Freeman Socratic Seminar Response

1.) The Socratic Seminar was a learning experience and was not what I was originally expecting. When I found out the topic of our Socratic Seminar was mental illness stereotypes I jumped to conclusions  I immediately  thought that it was going to come to a large debate about mental illness and treatment. I also felt that the group would be hesitant to speech some of their opinions. As it turned out the Socratic Seminar turned out to be a discussion more the influence of the stereotypes and the causes of them through media. My expectations were far from what it turned out being. I think the Socratic Seminar turn out this way because of the experts leading us on the right track and keeping the discussion going. I also think the padlet walls help me and the group get out of rut when we got stuck making to conversation flow.
2.) The format of this Socratic Seminar was much better that our previous seminar. The reason I believe this is because in this Socratic Seminar more and more students were involved. The reason I believe this is because not just a couple people dominated the conversation and more people expressed opinions. For example, more people directed questions toward others who didn't talk much giving the Socratic Seminar more of an overall opinion. I also believe the conversation ran smoother. The main reason that I believe this is because more points were made and over a variety. The reason for this is because we had a more organized reference sheet in our padlet wall. I also think the experts were more willing to fill the holes of the conversation and direct questions.
3.) I think there are three main points that I learn from being in the Socratic Seminar was funding for treatment, usual patients and reasons for there violence. In the point of funding for mental illness treatment I learned that the government hardly supports the systems. I also leaned that because of the horrible funding came horrible conditions and depleting amounts of treatment homes. On the point of the usual patients of the facilities, I learned that the patients are mainly smart and successful people just looking for solutions. The experts mainly brought this information up to me and enlighting me on the subject. I also learned that the usual reasons for violent patients are the conditions of the homes and the mental state.