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Socratic seminar questions

My expectations of the socratic seminar was meet because I thought we covered a variety of new things  that I did not know before. For example I did not know how much literature made a huge deal about the mentally ill. I also learned a lot of other things about people knowing someone with mental illness and how it related to the topic.  I learned about the many different stereotypes about the mentally ill, how some see the mentally ill as "retarded" or "insane"etc.  I also learned about how other people torlorated the mentally ill many people were different. I got to see how people viewed the mentally ill when they found out that they had a mental disorder. For example we did not know that John had depression until he admitted it but none of our views of him changed.  My expectations were also met when the experts gave us facts and new things that we didn't know about.
My understanding of the media's role increased by a lot.  I do think that if the media did not  overlook the mentally ill I do think a lot of them would feel a lot less depressed than they already are and be less violent.  I think that the media makes the mentally ill feel more uncomterable around others because they are afraid of being made fun of.  The media also makes the mentally ill more depressed because they set a low self esteem for the mentally ill which causes them to be more sad and have more thoughts of suicide.  So I think that the media should make a less big of a deal about the mentally ill being violent. My understanding about the media's role is about the mentally ill by showing how incapable of learning they are and how a lot of attention they get at school. The media also shows that the mentally ill are considered kids with "special needs". The media shows a lot of stereotypes about the menatlly ill and a lot of names but I do believe if the media did not show a lot of the negative side of the mentally ill then there would be a lot less violence in this country.
One of the questions was "is media and literature in a sense "bullying" the mentally ill".  I don't think so because i think there just covering stories about committing violent crimes but in no way are they intimidating the menally ill.  I honestly think it just depends on how far the media decides to bring it and  how everyone sees it. I do think that if the media just becomes obsessed about mentally ill being violent then I do think that they are somewhat bullying them.  Bullying someone is not just intimidating someone just once but it's repeatedly intimidating someone over and over. In most news and other types of media I do not see news repeatedly intimidating mentally ill people. But however I see a lot of literature telling stories about the mentally ill and how much they do not contribute to society. So in a sense literature is bullying the mentally ill.

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Please respond to three of these questions in three well-developed paragraph (topic sentence, relevant details, closing).  

You will do this by creating a new blog post.

  1. What were you expecting for this Socratic Seminar? Were those expectations met? Why or why not? 
  2. Do you like the format for this Socratic better or worse than the last Socratic Seminar?  Explain. 
  3. What new understandings about media's role in mental health do you have after the seminar and/or this unit as a whole?
  4. Go back to todaymeet.com/mental health.  Choose one of the comments or questions posed and expand upon it.  How would you respond to this question/comment if it were posed to you inside the circle?  (Make sure to record who's comment it was and summarize what was said/asked).

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One of the main ideas in Of Mice and Men is the failure of hopes, dreams, and plans. The theme of the book, it is human nature to fear what we don't understand, helps to create the main idea by relating to several of the characters. One of the characters the theme relates to is Curley's wife. It relates to Curley's wife because she has a dream to become a movie star.  In the book she says: "If I'd went, I wouldn't be livin' like this, you bet. (88)" However, because Curley's wife is a woman, she is feared and misunderstood so she is shut out and she cannot complete her dreams. Therefore, I think Curley's wife is a good example of the theme it is human nature to fear what we do not understand, and of the main idea of the failure of hopes, dreams, and plans that is expressed in the book.

Bonds and Friendship

One of the big ideas in Of Mice and Men is the bonds and friendship that George and Lennie have. The book shows how friends will do anything to help the other one out. George and Lennie do everything that they can to help out each other out no matter what. In the book, George has to kill Lennie so that Lennie won't get hurt anymore. Even though George was hurt by losing his best friend, he did what was best for Lennie. "And George raised the gun and steadied it, and he brought the muzzle of it close to the back of Lennie's head. The hand shook violently, but his face set and his hand steadied. He pulled the trigger. (106)" Even though George didn't want to kill his best friend, he had to do what was best for him. Therefore, George and Lennie have a very strong bond and a strong friendship.
Some say that the strength between bond and friendship is more powerful than anyone could possibly imagine.  They argue that you can't achieve anything or get anywhere without the bond of friendship.  Two people could go a lot farther in life working together than working alone. Friend have been working together since the beginning of time to get to new places and live a new life.
  In the story Of Mice and Men it shows the friendship bond between George and Lennie through out the story.  Lennie always looked to George when he needed help, because he wasn't a really good thinker so always relied on Lennie for help when he was clueless of what to do. Even though George's life would be so much easier if he didn't have to watch over Lennie, he still refuses to leave him. True friends never leave each even in the toughest parts of the relationship.
     An example of when Lennie looked to George for help is when the boss was interviewing them and George was afraid of Lennie saying something stupid George told him to keep his mouth shut but when  the boss asked Lennie a question Lennie looked to George and he answered for him.  Another example is when Curley wanted to fight him because Lennie was laughing at him he looked to George for help even though he just said to fight back Lennie did end up taking Curley's hand and breaking it.
       These examples show that George has strong feelings for Lennie even though he has mental problems. The example of George telling Lennie not to talk is because George knew Lennie had a history of saying the wrong things in the past like at weed, so George told Lennie not to talk to the boss so that they wouldn't give him a bad first impression and then not get the job for both of them. The other example shows that George didn't want to sit back and watch Curley beat up Lennie so he begged Lennie to fight back.  This proves that George didn't want to see Lennie get hurt and he deeply cared about him because they were truly friends.
           All because of these reasons this proves that there is nothing more powerful than bond and friendship. No one can get far in life without friends working together, because friends always have each others back in the toughest parts of life.  So I recommend that you always stay close to your friends and always ask for help if you need it because true friends will not hesitate to do it.

I do agree with Steinbeck's theme of the American Dream is not possible for everyone. Some people are just born with physical or mental disadvantages that makes it challenging to ever reach their ultimate goals. People with mental disabilities such as Lennie will not be able to work anywhere that requires heavy thinking which more often than not is a low paying job. They will generally have to rely on someone such as George will have to spend a lot of time and money on the disabled person. Then there are people born with social disadvantages such as Crooks. I do think not everyone can reach the American dream as not all people are presented with the opportunities or ability to do so.
The death of the American dream is represented heavily in Of Mice and Men. The American dream is not always possible for everyone. George and Lennie have been chasing their version of The American Dream for years. George and Lennie get even closer to that dream when they move to Soledad and get financial backing from an old man named Candy, who is also trying to fulfill his American dream. The first time the theme starts to show in the book is when Candy, George, and Lennie realize that they won't be able  to move to the house with the chickens to tend and the garden to hoe. Steinbeck has George, Lennie, and Candy not reach their American dream due to Lennie's in capabilities.

The Strength of Friendship is Held on Belief

          The strength and weakness of friendship is held through the two sides beliefs. I believe this is an important theme that John Steinbeck presents in Of Mice and Men. Throughout the book Steinbeck has Lennie ask George about the place they will live after they get enough money. "We'll have a big vegetable patch and a rabbit hutch and chickens,"George tells Lennie countless times in the book. Lennie believes that this is possible throughout the book and trust George to follow through on his promise. It is not until the final pages of the book that the theme is really presented when George tells Lennie the story one more time in the end before finally shooting him. Lennie from beginning to end believed the story, but was the opposite for George who knew with Lennie he could not accomplish there goal and ended the friendship.

          I believe in this theme strongly. "It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen," Muhammad Ali said about belief.In many things you do in life you have to rely and believe  in order to complete the task. If the other does not believe or come through than the task is not completed.

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Strength in bond and friendship

The big idea in OMM is about the strength in bond and friendship. It leaves a lasting theme and idea that there is nothing stronger than the strength of a bond or friendship. Throughout the entire novel Steinbeck shows Lennie and George's friendship, and how strong and how much they rely on each other for support. They stick together through literally everything, and although George shows annoyance with Lennie their friendship still remains as sturdy as a rock. Steinbeck shows their friendship at the beginning when Lennie is talking about he will leave if George wants him to, and George says, "No look! I was jus' foolin', Lennie. 'Cause I want you to stay with me."(Pg.13) Although at this point in the story, Lennie was getting on George's nerves, George still wouldn't want anything to happen to Lennie if he were to leave and carry on by himself. That's a major idea in friendships, you stick together through thick and thin. The lasting impact Steinbeck leaves is at the end after Lennie kills Curley's wife. George sacrifices his best friend to make sure that nobody else could get his hands on Lennie. Right before George shoots Lennie he says, "No, Lennie I ain't mad. I never been mad, an' I ain't now. That's the thing I want ya to know." (Pg. 106) George is letting Lennie know he basically didn't want it to go this way, and he isn't meaning it out of any sort of anger. George just knew it was what needed to be done to make sure his best friend didn't have to go through anything too cruel, and he wouldn't have to see it be done. This part really sets off the theme because although George didn't want it to end this way, but he knew it was what was best for his friend. Which really leaves a lasting impact that in friendships you put aside your thoughts, and feelings, for your friends'.
The big idea in Of Mice and Men is, the strength in bond and friendship can always be put to the test. Steinbeck shows strength in bond and friendship a lot through out the story. From the very beginning, George and Lennie are always together. Both George and Lennie have been traveling and finding work together ever sense they were kids. This is very strange during this time period to travel with someone, especially when Lennie has a mental illness that has gotten them in trouble before. When the boss first meets George and Lennie he says, "'Well, I never seen one guy take so much trouble for another guy.'"(pg. 22). George is constantly getting Lennie out of trouble because he know that Lennie is not meaning to do those things he does. This shows the strength in their friendship because George never leaves Lennie behind it also shows how it is tested because George knows how much easier his life would be without Lennie but he still chooses to never leave him. The ultimate test to their friendship is when Lennie accidentally kills a fellow workers wife and everyone tells George that Lennie needs to be shot. George knows that they are right but can not have the strength to let them do it so George does it himself. I agree with this theme because true friendships always have bumps in the roads and you sometimes have to sacrifice something of yours for someone else. George could have easily let the others kill Lennie but he did it himself to comfort Lennie and so it would be faster for him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

The Death of the American Dream is Real

                    The death of the American dream is not a hoax, truly it is six feet under. One theme found in Of Mice and Men is that the American dream is unachievable. The idea of the American dream being dead comes about in the book when George and Lennie are working on the ranch in Soledad. Steinbeck introduces Curley's wife, who is the only female on the ranch and loves attention from the workers. In the book, she says, "'I tell ya I could of went with shows. Not jus' one, neither. An' a guy tol' me he could put me in pitchers...' She was breathless with indignation. '-Sat'day night. Ever'body out doin' som'pin'. Ever'body!  An' what am I doin'? Standin' here talkin' to a bunch of bindle stiffs'" (Steinbeck 78). Curley's wife had the dream of becoming a show girl or model that lived the high life but for some reason she was unable to obtain this dream that she had and now she is stuck talking to the workers on the ranch. Another example that the American dream is dead is that George and Lennie's dream of owning their own land will never be achieved. Lennie gets into trouble at each ranch they work at, so they are never able to earn enough money to buy the land. Together, they aren't able to achieve their dream, so George is forced to kill Lennie in order to put him out of his misery before Curley gets to him and tortures him for killing his wife. Now that George is free of Lennie and all of the baggage that comes with him, he might finally be able to achieve his American dream, but there is no evidence in the book that says he is successful in fulfilling his dream. Another American dream that died in Of Mice and Men is all the previous workers that Crooks has seen on the ranch. He tells Lennie, "' I seen hundreds of men come by on the road an' on the ranches, with their bindles on their back an' that same damn thing in their heads. Hundreds of them. They come, an' they quit an' go on; an' every damn one of 'em's got a little piece of land in his head. An' never a God damn one of 'em ever gets it" (Steinbeck 74). Steinbeck is showing how the American dream for those men never works out, it just remains a dream until finally they give up.
                    I disagree with this theme to the extent that the American dream is dead for some, but not for all. For example, it is much harder for one who has no money, shelter, or anyone to help them. Their chances of becoming successful in their own American dream are very slim unless they put in the hard, dirty work necessary. Some might believe they can do it, but after working hard and seeing no results they might give up and throw in the towel, accepting failure. While others, choose to wipe their sweat with the towel and keep working hard. They know where their headed and will not let anything stand in their way of their dreams.      

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The Theme of OMM strength in bond and friendship

Strength in bond and friendship is the theme of the story OMM because the story is about how two best friends come in search of finding a good job to be able to achieve their american dream. This idea begins to emerge in the story at the very beginning when George and Lennie trying to get a job to work towards getting their american dream, to live on a big land with rabbits. Later on in the story after they get a job Candy is shown with a strong friendship with his dog. Candy and his dog are fairly old, and because of their age it is now time for Candy's dog to be put down. After the dog had been killed, Candy tells George "I ought to of shot that dog myself , George. I shouldn't ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog." (61) Later in the book George had to go through killing his best friend because of an accident. Like Candy had said you can kill him or let them kill him. I agree with this theme because the entire story is about how a strong long friendship must end because of certain conditions.

The American dream is present.

"One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood"- Lucius Annaeus Seneca. "O.K. someday- we're gonna get the jack together and we're gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an' a cow and some pigs and----" George explains to Lennie about their future house. The American dream is achievable, but the death of the American dream will always be a block in your path that will never move. For example, whenever Lennie kills Curleys wife not knowing what he was doing; Lennie almost kills the future for himself, George, and Candy. Together the three men wanted to own their own land, and have people work for them, instead of working for others. "You an' me can get that little place, can't we, George? You an' can go there an' live nice, can't we George? Can't we?" Candy asked George apprehensively. To make sure the dream is still achievable, George has shot and killed his friend Lennie. To be honest i do not agree with what George has done to his best friend Lennie. I would never see someone killing their best friend for his dreams to come true, very selfish and greedy. If I was George i would have ran away with him and found another place to work at.

The theme between strength in bond and friendship

A theme that Steinbeck proves in Of Mice and Men is that there is strength in bond and friendship. In a bond and friendship friends are willing to protect and do anything for one another through thick and thin. I see this theme start to develop when George and Lennie move to the farm and everybody starts judging Lennie because he is "special". Curley, the son of the man who owns the farm immediately starts picking on Lennie and making fun of him. George knew that if he didn't keep Lennie away from Curley, Curley was going to get hurt. George and Lennie have a strong bond, which makes George protect Lennie the only way he knew how to after he killed Curley's wife. Killing Lennie was George's only option because George finds out Curly will kill Lennie when Candy tells George, "You don't know that Curly ...Curley 'll get 'im killed" (94). This proves the strength of the friendship is so strong that they are willing to do what they think will best protect one another. George and Lennie show that true friendship means sticking by each other's sides and alway's do whats best for one another even if it's hard to do so. I agree with this theme because you should always want the best for the ones you love. George knew that if he didn't kill Lennie himself, Curley would come after him and kill him. Lennie getting killed by his best friend George was the ultimate act of friendship.

Hopes and Dreams

Hopes and dreams are the only thing keeping a person going.This begins to emerge in the story right from the beginning  with George and Lennie hoping to own their own ranch one day.They show their determination to getting the ranch which is the only thing keeping them going. "we're gonna get the jack together and we're gonna have a little house and a couple acres an' a cow some pigs". this shows that George and Lennie are living and pushing forward with their dream to won their own ranch. i agree with the statement that hopes and dreams keep you going because if you look at other people like bill gates or steve jobs they never gave up and look were they are now. hopes and dreams are the theme of the book because that was what they were chasing after the whole book.
Of Mice and Men pretty much shows that the American dream is really not possible unless you've got lots of money and are a white male with no visible physical or mental troubles. If you aren't born into fame or royalty you're out of luck.

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Strength of bonds and friendship in " Of Mice and Men"

    The big idea of "Of Mice and Men" is about  bonds and friendship but this accounts for a big theme of the novel. Steinbeck's tries to show in his book  that a true friendship with a strong bond will go to any lengths to do what is best for the other. The relationship between Lennie and George is a perfect example of what a true friendship is about self-sacrafice and doing what is best for your friend. The first time this theme truly comes to light at the beginning of the book where George says "I want you to stay with me , Lennie. Jesus Christ, somebody'd shoot you for a coyote if you was by yourself"(pg.13). George states that his life would be much easier if he did not have to watch after Lennie, but he does not leave him. Despite the difficulty it causes him he remains with Lennie and does everything in his power to keep him out of trouble. A true friendship lasts through hard times and difficulty and the friendship between the two main characters represents that. At the end of the book George says "I ain't gonna let 'em hurt Lennie"(pg.95) foreshadowing his action of humanely killing Lennie to avoid the letting him suffer at the hands of  Curley. Steinbeck gives the pair a friendship so strong that George is forced to release Lennie from a world that unsympathetic and judgemental  of him. From beginning to end the author shows the stories theme that a true friendship with strong bonds will do anything to do what is best for the other.

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There are several BIG ideas present in Of Mice and Men
  • the death of the American Dream
  • man's instinct to yield power
  • strength in bond and friendship
  • the nature of loneliness/isolation
  • the nature of weakness
  • hopes/dreams/plans
  • the manipulative nature of women

Choose one of the BIG ideas above and write a blog post answering the following: 
1. What is the thematic statement about the big idea?  
Tip: Use a complete sentence to express the theme.  For example, the death of the American Dream is inevitable.
2. Where in the story does this idea begin to emerge and how does the author develop or refine the story to solidify the theme? 
3. Finally, to what extent do you agree or disagree with the theme?  Explain your ideas. 

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